Darmasiswa Program is conducted in a one-year program. It is a one year scholarship program offered to foreign students from countries which have diplomatic relationship with Indonesia to study Indonesia language and Art (traditional music, traditional dance, and Indonesian craft) in selected Indonesian Higher Education Institutions.


1. Indonesian language

Semester 1: In this course, Darmasiswa recipients will learn daily conversation to strengthen their communication skill in Indonesian language in various contexts. They will surely earn basic competence in using it at the end of this course. The skills cover listening and speaking for daily informal use.

Semester 2: In this course they will have improve their competence in speaking and writing through discussion, oral presentation, and descriptive writing. They will be introduced to a variety of important language functions, including commands, offers, refusals, and invitations.

2. Indonesian studies (mostly on its culture)

In this course, Darmasiswa recipients will learn some Indonesian cultures. Pakuan University is located in Bogor, West Java, so the culture offered is Sundanese, including its music instrument (angklung and gamelan), dance, and culinary.

Semester 1: They will learn about tradition and customs, including local wisdom, traditional ceremonies, clothes and food. You will have the experience of visiting local village in Bogor (Kampung Budaya Sindangbarang) and some cultural events (Serentaun, Cap Go Meh).

Semester 2: You will have the experience of visiting local village in other areas (Kampung Naga) and enjoying music performance at Saung Angklung Mang Ujo.

They will have the opportunity to taste traditional food which are so popular in Bogor.