Darmasiswa  is managed by the Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC) in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA). It is a scholarship program which alows foreign students from countries with which Indonesia has a diplomatic relations to have the opportunity to study Indonesian language, arts, and music. Scholarship can be applied in http://darmasiswa.kemdikbud.go.id

The main purpose of the program is to arouse and foster interest in the language and culture of Indonesia among citizens of those countries. It has also been designed to reciprocate scholarship programs provided by other countries for Indonesian citizens and to provide stronger cultural links between these nations. The courses on Bahasa Indonesia is supposed to provide the opportunity for the participants to facilitate their studies and to understand the culture of Indonesia.

The aim of the program is to disseminate the Indonesian language and culture to other countries. The program, which offers scholarships to students all over the world, serves as a form of cultural diplomacy.

University of Pakuan’s Darmasiswa Program is a one-year non-degree program. The activities are carried out at the University, both on and off campus. Generally, within a one year study period, students are expected to study:

1. Indonesian language,

2. Indonesian culture,

3. the art of making batik especially with traditional Bogor patterns, 

4. Indonesian and Sundanese traditional music and dance, and

5. other elective subjects, which students can freely choose, such as Sundanese language, Indonesian geography and history, and literature, among others.

Darmasiswa participants are expected to promote Indonesia in their respective countries and a variety of activities are offered to assist them in realizing this goal. To broaden and enhance their skills in Indonesian language, they take part in some regular student activities. They also participate in the graduation ceremony, performing gamelan. To be more knowledgeable in Indonesian culture, they attend cultural events such as traditional wedding party, wooden puppet show, and other annual events such as serentaun, to name a few. They may also visit some tourist landmarks and destinations in West Java and the surroundings. 

Previous recipients


  1. Mr. Dumetru Catalin Gavrilescu (Romania)
  2. Ms. Valeriya Ivashchenko (Russia)
  3. Ms. Liu Jing (China)
  4. Ms. Juan Bei (China)
  5. Mr. Moon Joo Hyung (South Korea)
  6. Ms. Daniela Isaniel Gonzales T (Venezuela)
  7. Ms. Diana Tazka (Slovakia)
  8. Ms. Judit Vari (Hungary)
  9. Mr. Dang Sy Nam (Vietnam)


  1. Ms. Bryony Morgan (UK)
  2. Ms. Chanpakesone Souramasing (Lao)
  3. Mr. Tawatchai Chamnar (Thai)
  4. Ms. Arisa Fukushima (Japan)
  5. Mr. Khampeng Thammavongsa (Lao)
  6. Ms. Iva Jaburkova (Czech)
  7. Mr. Savent Seng A Phay (Lao)
  8. Ms. Aseemah Samae (Thai)
  9. Mr. Parabhum Injub (Thai)
  10. Ms. Janina Von Romer (Germany)
  11. Mr. Jarungwat Jarus Damrongnit (Thai)
  12. Mr. Somsak Yoitklang (Thai)
  13. Ms. Wencheng He (China)


  1. Ms. Lin Shan Shan (China)
  2. Mr. Semsak Khunpol (Thai)
  3. Ms. Wilfrida Ilsa Alfonso Noronha (Timor Leste)
  4. Mr. Martin Loss (Germany)
  5. Mr. Bogojevic Vojislava (Serbia)
  6. Mr. Ferdinando Dagostino (Italy)
  7. Mr. Pietro Barucca (Italy)
  8. Ms. Wiwasnun Plengwithaya (Thai)


  1. Ms. Anna Ionoff (France)
  2. Ms. Manna Ilyushenko (Russia)
  3. Mr. Asdhraf Marwan Ali (Jordan)
  4. Ms. Talatay Yulia (Russia)
  5. Ms. Markova Vicktoria (Russia)
  6. Ms. Karolina Rossowska (Poland)


  1. Ms. Tamara Maria Strojecka (Poland)
  2. Ms. Agata Maria Kjewska (Poland)
  3. Ms. Anna Maria Szczepariska (Poland)
  4. Mr. Randrianantoanina Maharinstsca (Madagascar)
  5. Mr. Peter Kuna (Slovac)
  6. Ms. Zuzana Kunova (Slovac)
  7. Mr. Wiktor Ryszard Jaworowski (Poland)


  1. Ms. Miho Nakano (Japan)
  2. Mr. Saysana Sithongsaner (Lao)
  3. Ms. Lerato Angel Maponga (South Africa)
  4. Ms. Ruzica Devic (Serbia)
  5. Ms. Jahana Satoe (Japan)
  6. Mr. Ramabele Maurice Mogashoa (South Africa)
  7. Ms. Karolina Iwona Ufa (Poland)
  8. Ms. Marta Anna Skowronek (Poland)
  9. Ms. Elena Erkina (Russia)


  1. Mr. Ivo Schnipkoweit (Germany)
  2. Ms. Astrid de Guadalupa Zelaya Diaz (Germany)
  3. Ms. Ramamonjisoa Nivonirina (Madagascar)
  4. Mr. Domikik Derlicki (Poland)
  5. Ms. Veronika Kososva (Slovac)
  6. Ms. Suzana Kunova (Slovac)
  7. Mr. Juraj Sugar (Slovac)
  8. Ms. Denisa Kinetova (Slovac)
  9. Mr. Okan Batigoc (Turkey)
  10. Mr. Alimardon Mamilov (Uzbekistan