One if them is the International Seminar. They perform in the opening ceremony and wore traditional costume. Many of them are really proud when they can be involved wearing traditional costume and performing traditional dances. They really feel that they are welcome being in Indonesia. This experience is always kept as a memorable event in their life. 

The second event is the graduation day as the University holds this regular event several times a year. The traditional music in form of playing gamelan is another lesson that they learn as a curriculum. To perform their skill and to enhance their motivation they perform the gamelan as a background music in the ceremony. In this event, they also wear traditional costume. Their pride is reflected in their faces as they have the opportunity to perform in front of the faculties, the graduates and the family of the graduates. 

In short it can be summed up that the intercultural experiences not only enhance their motivation but also build their self confidence being in the foreign country. Considering all those positive advantages Faculty of Social science and culture teaches Bahasa Indonesia and Traditional Music to Darmasiswa. 

Darmasiswa Performing Traditional Dance



Darmasiswa Wearing Traditional Costume 




Darmasiswa and Graduation Day November 28, 2018



Art Performing 


Dirgahayu Universitas Pakuan 

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