Pakuan University is located in Bogor, one hour drive from Jakarta. The place can also be reached by commuter line with a very reasonable fare.

Bogor is a beautiful historical place with many heritage sites to visits with more humid and rainy days than any other part of the country. These are some frequently visited places in Bogor.

  1. Bogor Botanical Garden
  2. Kampung Budaya Sindangbarang
  3. Presidential Museum Balai Kirti
  4. Batik Handayani

It also developed its economy and today it is well-known as one of the cullinary destination for tourists both domestic and foreign visitor. Many places with good quality coffee are available in many parts of the town. 


Classroom Culture

Pakuan University takes pride in enacting student‐centered learning—a system of instruction that puts students at the heart of learning. In this system, teachers don’t just deliver lectures or make students memorize facts. Rather, it encourages active participation and independent inquiry, planting the joy of learning from the classroom to outside it, where students can chart their own research and learning according to their skills and interests. Teachers are always there to guide and mentor students toward critical thinking and discernment, dialogue and trust, engagement and creativity.


Academic Calendar

First semester:  February-August

Second semester: September‐January



The faculty is proud to have a facility offering over 6,000 books in its collection. All these are available to the students to help them in their studies. We have adequate classrooms and art and culture lab to support the learning. 



There are some places to go when buying books, both in walking distance and in an area covered by public cars.


Photocopying services

The operators of the photocopying machines are among the most popular people on campus. Photocopying is important to the students and the faculty because most handouts are reproduced and circulated in the stations. Class beadles or professors often leave the handouts or readings at a photocopier for the students to reproduce for themselves. There are a number of photocopying areas in the campus.


Wi‐Fi services

To apply for wi‐fi access in campus: contact the people in charge of it in the secretariate room



Pakuan Food Court is the main cafeteria in the university. It serves breakfast, lunch, snacks and

early dinner. It is located at the third floor of Graha Pakuan Siliwangi building. Store hours: 10.00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.